Reporting a Claim

There are a number of ways to report your claim to the Allegany Insurance Group.
  • 24/7 with our on-line reporting tool
  • By phone to your agent.
  • By phone to us at 800.333.1679 during business hours.
  • Fax a report to 585.968.6016
  • You may use our Personal Property Inventory Form to assist in property claims.

    If you incur a serious loss requiring an immediate response outside of regular business hours, please call 877-346-0300. Otherwise, notify us or your agent of the claim the next business day.

    If you become aware of anything that indicates there might be a claim under your policy, notify us or your agent promptly.

    Notify the police when the act causing the loss is also a violation of the law. Examples include claims arising out of burglary or vandalism.

    If the claim involves property damage, take all reasonable steps to protect your property to avoid further damage. If you incur any expense in doing so, keep accurate records of these expenses and save your receipts. If you’re able to do so, take photographs of the damage before starting temporary repairs.

    If the claim involves bodily injury, please obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses. If possible, take photos of the area where the accident is said to have occurred as soon as possible after learning of the accident.

    Our goal is to handle your claim promptly and equitably in accordance with your policy and in compliance with all Insurance Department Regulations.