To qualify for the Dwelling Fire Product, a risk must have the following characteristics:

  • Occupancy includes:
    1. - Owner
    2. - Primary
    3. - Seasonal
    4. - Tenant occupied 1-4 Families
  • Farm Structures
  • “Builders Risk” or “undergoing renovation” risks.
  • Vacant or For Sale risks.
  • Low Market Value risks.
  • Anti-Arson Applications required for dwellings in Zone 2 Rating (City Areas)
  • Multiple Ownership or Business Ownership, if:
    1. - All individuals and primary addresses listed.
    2. - Property Manager information
    3. - Out of State/Absentee Landlords
  • Swimming pools are allowed for owner-occupied risks only. Above ground pools require a self-locking gate or locking ladder. Inground pools must be fenced with a locked gate. Diving boards are prohibited.

Unacceptable risk exposures:

  • Woodburning stoves/space heaters/solid fuel heaters in Tenant Occupied, risks or Manufactured Homes.
  • Bankruptcy, foreclosure, student housing.
  • Swimming pools at any Tenant Occupied Risk.